[The natural outcome of “Guilt” is hopefully readily apparent in this short post]

“I forgive you.” 

“Begin Dictation.”

“As I’ve said, there’s a limited usefulness for a theology that fails to extend beyond an individual’s understand. I would like to retract that statement. The existence of God is predicated upon the individual–the singular path constructed on the will of many voices, many hearts singing and beating in unity for eternal glorification. Each one the same in their faith and yet different in background.”

“What does it mean to be forgiven?”

“Without the grace of God, without forgiveness, there is only the human conception of justice. That concept is in itself, flawed, as history shows that justice is typically the weapon, the advantage, of those in authority.”

“Take for example, a Holder confessing a crime, coming forward with an honest admission of guilt. Justice demands retribution of him–an eye, a hand, a pound of flesh. But God seeks to save the soul. God forgives.”