Declaration for the Establishment of a University

“Whereas, the missives of the Imperial court have grown silent as of late, and


Whereas, stagnation on matters of divinity and theology are evident by the lack of activity of the Theology Council, and


Whereas, capsuleers of New Eden have been granted roles and recognition far beyond that which had been intended when the technology of clone and capsule were melded, and


Whereas, the issue of freedom of speech and expression remains largely regulated by a waning Imperial government,


Whereas, Imperial thought has not progressed significantly over the last several years on issues of theology, the role of the Imperial government, the increasing influence of capsuleers both loyal to and independent of the Empire, slavery, or the endless war with the Minmatar Republic.


Therefore, let it be enacted:


First, that an immediate accumulation of works of literature, poetry, Scriptural analysis, education, and law be conducted,


Second, that professors, clergy, and otherwise masters of the aforementioned respective fields be sought and gathered for the development of a curriculum and pedagogy,

Third, that sufficient facilities be acquired, adopted, converted, obtained, and otherwise requisitioned for the effective synthesis of the First and Second parts for the establishment and founding of a University within the borders of the system of Saikamon.”