Last Words I

My Darling Baby Boy,

By the time you read this letter, you will not remember any of which that I shall recount. You will not remember handling a plush Tormentor or Punisher that your cousin Rebecca gave you as gifts, you will not remember joining her, your mother, and myself for a seaside meal, and you will certainly not remember my attempts to feed you. But in you not remembering, we shall be alike.

These last few months have been difficult for me as I am sure they have been for your mother. Make no mistake. I betrayed her, abused her, and lied to her. I deserve our separation to the fullest extent she has demonstrated. And while, by the time you read this letter, will no doubt share in the anger she has towards me, know first of all that I love you with all of my heart.

It is for this reason that I shall be leaving you and your mother permanently. The man who hurt her, who betrayed her, will cease to exist. And in that same way, so too, will the father who failed you miserably. But though that man prepares himself for oblivion, I pray that you know that his final thoughts will be of you. He wishes beyond all hope to be a family once more, a loving father and a guide to you in the grim world into which you have been born. Even as an infant, you have not been spared the from the ballet of evil and villainy that can consume and corrupt man. Your father is ashamed for what he has done and hopes that one day you might come to forgive him.

In many ways, perhaps it is selfish of him to think of the pain that has characterized his last several months. It is unfair that he should fear your green eyes–your mother’s eyes–staring back at him with hatred, contempt, and loathing. And thus, your father, ever the coward, chooses to run to the abyss.

This message will be sent to your mother for safekeeping and a digital lock will keep it inaccessible until the time you turn sixteen. Included with the letter are a number of letters of introduction to members of the nobility–not the least of whom is your grandmother–who would support your claim to what is rightfully yours. You may find a man who bears your father’s name and likeness occupying the geographical location in Myyhera, but he will not be your father, and once you present him with the documentation, he will be ready to abdicate. Your claim to the family name is stronger than any other living person and I hope that your mother will allow you to seize what is your birthright. My only request is that you provide for your cousin, Rebecca.

I have also included the deeds and titles to bonds within the Holding that will one day become yours, so that if you should want for money, you needn’t worry.

My darling boy, I am sorry that this is all that I can give you. And while I know that my apology will never be enough to fill the chasm I created that divided me from your mother, please know I love you with all of my heart.

Be the man I could not be.

Your father,




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