OOC Update + Summary

Hello everyone,

I don’t often make these, but I wanted to let you know why writing has fallen off just a bit in recent months. After nearly two years of unemployment (minus odd jobs doing office work for real estate agents, etc.), I am now finally working! Unfortunately, due to the nature of the work and my position, my hours are irregular, which makes it a little difficult to plan out stories like I used to. For example, when I was unemployed, I would spend a lot of time walking, and in walking, I would map out the scenes and interactions I wanted to happen for particular stories–such as the Game Theory arc. At any rate, the hiccups caused by me finding my footing in the realm of employment, has certainly damaged my creative output in Naomi’s story arc. Simply, with the arc having finished in January, it’s taken far too long for me to finally tie it up.

There are other, far more interesting things happening in Regi’s (and now Katerina’s as well) Holding and nearby areas such as Cerra Manor, and I want to write about them.

If I manage to generate enough interest for Naomi’s arc, I will happily complete it in greater detail in some way or another, though the task is daunting in and of itself. Even now, with Alexa de Crux set to return to the Holding to keep Naomi safe from a phantom threat, we are only just barely half-way through the arc.

Therefore, I will provide some short, sweet summary to fill in the chronological ravine that jumping ahead in time will create. But I’m not going to completely drop you off a cliff and just give you bullet points. Stay tuned and find out just how exactly I’ll finish up Naomi’s arc.

Shout-outs once again to my wonderful former alliance mates–Shalee Lianne and Katerina Tzestu. Their support over the last several months has been absolutely invaluable in developing my characters and my voice.

Without further ado, let us return to the writing.

– Regi


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