Report (de’Crux, Alexa)

Official Report (de’Crux, Alexa)
From: Alexa de’Crux
Sent: 2014.12.24 15:04
To: Lunarisse Aspenstar,

Ms. Aspenstar:

Filed on this day of 12/24/115, the following is a recounting of my recent actions. Under the eyes of God Himself, and on penalty of court-martial under the Amarrian Code of Military Jurisprudence, this officer swears that the following report is true and accurate to the best of her recollection.

Approximately one week ago, I was invited by MIss Naomi Sakakibara to her residence, where she was acting as steward in the absense of her brother. She had previously informed me that there were potential hostile elements among the staff, and requested my assistance and advice.

After advising on several security issues, Miss Sakakibara departed for a business meeting in Saikomon; shortly after she left, I was contacted by an unknown individual, calling himself ‘L’, who informed me that Miss Sakakibara had been poisoned with methyl alcohol, on his orders, and that she would be targeted again if she did not cease her attempts to gain favor and status in her family’s social/political structure.

When I returned to Miss Sakakibara’s residence, ‘L’ contacted me again. We traced the location of the call, which lead us to the assailant’s safehouse; after we had successfully flushed the poison from Miss Sakakibara’s system, we discovered that the family of a staff nurse had been abducted in an effort to coerce her cooperation.

The nurse attempted to taint Miss Sakakibara’s intravenous drip. I narrowly averted her actions, and as a consequince, ‘L’ ordered the execution of one of the hostages. I then ordered a tactical assault on the safehouse; during said assault, the remaining hostages were killed, one of two hostiles were killed, and the other taken into custody.

Shortly thereafter, Miss Sakakibara received a message that her brother’s ships had attacked her business holdings in another system. I attempted to contact Lord Sakakibara, and informed him of ‘L”s actions, but he appeared unconvinced that the threat was genuine.

I interrogated the prisoner, and he disclosed that the chief medical officer was somehow involved. Upon further inquiry, I learned that he had visited Saikomon several times in the previous two months, and purchased supplies for the treatment of methyl alcohol poisoning.

The prisoner was then killed by the doctor; he claims to have administered a sedative, but analysis of the syringe revealed that it was, in fact, a form of synthetic adrenaline. Upon taking the doctor into custody, he implicated Lord Sakakibara’s Aunt Ashessa, via her agency known as DENT, as the primary instigator of the previously recounted events.

I contacted Lord Sakakibara, informing him of the accusations; again, he seemed indifferent, and questioned my presence. I informed him that Ms. Sakakibara had personally requested my presence, and he seemed quite surprised that she would do so.

Miss Sakakibara invited Ashessa to her residence; I remained in concealment, recording the ensuring conversation. Following an unremarkable dinner, Miss Sakakibara attempted to end the ongoing hostilities; while Ashessa did not admit to DENT’s involvement, she stated her intent to make Ms. Sakakibara’s life ‘hell’ for as long as she could.

Ashessa then physically assaulted Ms. Sakakibara (slapped her), which signalled armed agents to enter the room and hold Ms. Sakakibara at gunpoint. I responded, at that point, disabled both hostile agents, and positioned myself between Ashessa and Ms. Sakakibara.

Ashessa then drew a weapon and said, quote, ‘I should have done this a long time ago’. She then proceeded to fire two rounds in the direction of myself and Ms. Sakakibara; I was wounded in the upper thigh, while Ms. Sakakibara recieved a wound to her abdomen that required minor surgery. I then retrieved a weapon from one of the fallen hostiles and fired twice, hitting Ashessa twice in the chest and killing her.

After recovering in the infirmary, Lord Sakakibara contacted me directly; he ordered my unit to withdraw in favor of his personal security force. I presented him with the conversation recorded between Ms. Sakakibara and her Aunt, whereupon he called its authenticity into question ( ‘did you not think that Naomi might have goaded her into making that confession’, or words to that effect).

Lord Sakakibara again refused to accept the evidence presented; our communication ended when he restated his order that my unit withdraw from his property and disconnected.

The officers of my unit acted in a manner befitting the ranks and positions; the sole responsibility for the actions related herein is my own, and I accept any and all punishment enacted in response to said events.

SIGNED in my own hand, and of my own free will, on this date of 12/24/115,

Alexa de’Crux.


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