An Echo, Distant

They walked down towards the shoreline beneath Cerra Manor, admiring the ocean swells. Naomi could almost feel the anticipation pulsating from Alexa, especially when she offered her hand to Naomi politely. Everything was going smoothly and Alexa would soon be wrapped around her finger, her kameiras sweeping through DENT assets as easily as the wind sweeping up grains of sand on the shore.

All in time.

“I’ve only visited the lake on my family’s property–the ocean is a new experience for me,” She lied, though it sounded deliciously innocent.

“I have never taken a lot of time to look at the ocean. Usually, I’m on deployment and my attention is focused on my work,” Alexa replied.

Naomi giggled, “Do you ever take time off?”

“When I visit the Manor, I am usually off-duty. I… make an effort to ensure that I will not be… pulled away.”

Naomi nodded, walking towards the edge of the path. She placed her drink on the rough, though solid surface. Setting aside her boots, she began to walk on the sand, allowing the fine grains to seep in between her toes. She was surprised at how much she enjoyed the warm sensation, but allowed herself to smile for Alexa’s benefit. Naturally, Alexa did the same.

“Being pulled away is a reality of my position. Aside from time for sleeping, I rarely get longer than an hour or two here or there,” Naomi said in a lightly relaxed if business-like tone.

“It is hard. Very little time to be with others.”

Naomi picked up her drink, grinning, “So we must enjoy the time we have with them to the utmost.”

Alexa smiled as she retrieved her drink, “How does one do that?”

Naomi took a deep breath, “Share fond memories.”

Alexa smiled, “And fond hopes?”

Naomi walked closer to the water’s edge, then smiled warmly at Alexa, “Do you have hopes you would like to share with me, Alexa?”

Alexa joined Naomi, nodding a bit, “I hope that moments like these will reoccur.”

Naomi took a sip, then placed her drink on the beach. She took one of Alexa’s hands, then leaned against her, resting her head on Alexa’s shoulder, “And moments like this?”

“Moments just like that,” Alexa nodded. After a while, she asked, “What are your hopes, Naomi?”

“A lasting peace in my family.”

That much was at least true, even it meant killing off family members quietly.

She added a lie, “And then more time to enjoy moments like this one.”

Alexa awkwardly wrapped an arm around Naomi’s waist. Perfect.

“So do I,” Alexa whispered.

Naomi put on a blush, but didn’t resist the motion. Instead she settled deeper into one-armed embrace.

“I… I apologize if I’m being too forward…,” Alexa said.

Naomi shook her head gently against Alexa’s shoulder, “You’re expressing yourself. It’s entirely natural.”

“I have never… felt like this before.”

Naomi giggled, then looked towards Alexa and lightly kissed her on the cheek. She then settled back into the embrace, confident that she had triggered a series of events within Alexa’s mind. She could feel Alexa’s heart racing, her breathing nervous–she had pulled a kameira out of her comfort zone. She almost felt guilty using Alexa as a means for an end. Almost.

Alexa returned the light kiss, “You are very beautiful.”

Naomi wore another blush, whispering only barely enough to be heard over the sound of rolling waves, “You’re too kind.”

Suddenly, and unexpectedly, Alexa tilted Naomi’s head towards her own. Their lips met. The kiss was inexperienced, but earnest, as if Alexa had hoped to kiss Naomi properly. Well, there was no harm in taking a little enjoyment, was there? Closing her eyes, Naomi placed her arms around Alexa’s neck, then slipped her tongue expertly between Alexa’s lips. She reveled at the look of surprise on Alexa’s face at the action.

Poor thing.

Naomi, wearing yet another blush, gasped as they finally broke the kiss, “I wanted to make sure you would remember your first kiss. Apologies if it felt… improper.”

Alexa shook her head, “It felt wonderful…”

Naomi drew Alexa’s other arm around her waist, creating a full embrace, “I’m glad.”

Alexa smiled, “How large is the estate? Might we… get lost, wandering?”

“We’d have to go back to Myyhera, but there’s much I’d like to show you.”

“I would very much like to see it.”

Naomi smiled brightly, then took Alexa by the hand.

“Then come with me.”

And so it begins.


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