The Worst Day and the Best Day I

He couldn’t believe his eyes. He ran them over the words again, believing that somehow it was all a terrible mistake, a practical joke, or some stock directive that had somehow been addressed to him. But it was all in order–the accompanying seal, the Ministry of Internal Order report, and the signature all fit perfectly.

He cast his neocom down, absolutely outraged. But the Empire was an Empire of laws and he was bound to obey, even if it reached into his personal affairs. Fuming, he walked out of his quarters at Cerra Manor and headed for the Terrace for fresh air. The message on his neocom read:

12/12 Directive
From: Marcos Mujilus
Sent: 2014.12.13 00:43
To: Reginald Sakakibara,

Holder Sakakibara,

Your recent conduct has been brought to my attention. Your recent actions bring shame to your own estate, and by extension to my own holdings. Accordingly you are directed to:

1) Ensure your relationship with Katerina Tzestu meets expected standards of propriety.

2) Explain your actions in abruptly dissolving your corporation.

3) Cease hostile action towards registered Capsuleer Vlad Cetes. The report I received from the Ministry of Internal Order concluded that no crime was committed and that his actions were justified. You will pass the attached report on to any concerned parties.

4) Your Holder status only gives you rights on your own estate. Do not forget your place.

I expect compliance at the earliest possible time. Do not disappoint me.

*MIO report attached*


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