Unsent Letters – Reginald to Kat on the Liberation of Huola

Dearest Kat,

Huola is liberated. To have seen the ridiculous amount of righteous firepower expounded upon the Infrastructure Hub was to see the wrath of God. It was an awe-inspiring display of destruction that finally liberated the system–a system that has been in Minmatar hands for almost one thousand days. I am proud to count myself among the few who braved the complexes for hours so that the Infrastructure Hub could finally be made vulnerable.

But my dearest, I find it difficult to express my utter horror. I can offer no excuse for my actions except that I was ignorant of what I had become–a mindless tool in a more sinister plot. The following freighter was destroyed, its cargo consisted of prisoners of war and their contraband war materials. We were told that they were cleared for execution. And yet… To see my deed would be to know my pain.

Kill: Naxie (Fenrir)

Innocents. 87 innocent deaths. And I took part in their demise. Although I took part in the rescue operations, I failed to find any of the survivors, which I hope have been recovered by other members of the militia.

I feel used, as a child might be. One who doesn’t understand why such cruelty need exist in a world that seems ever darkening.

I feel hollow.

I’m sorry for troubling you with my ramblings.



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